MEAS Health Care

About us

M.E.A.S. is an organisation for mental health awareness and rights.

We are a mental health service provider introducing safe group environments, academic learning and a domain focused for legal right for the disadvantaged groups and minority.

M.E.A.S. is the brainchild of its founders who encountered flaws in the mental healthcare system and felt very passionately to help provide the words to fill in the blank spaces. Having worked extensively in the national and international mental health domain, the founding members came across how there are pertinent gaps in the services provided to the patients and their caretakers.

Our team utilizes the international standard of protocols to manage and assist in mild to severe psychological difficulties.

Suffering from mental health difficulties of varying intensity does not mean that there is something fundamentally “wrong” with you. Seeking help for psychological difficulties is equated with an image of a man trapped in a room with bars because they are too “away from normal”.

Here at M.E.A.S. we aim to create a dignified arena for anyone to come and seek psychological help when needed.